ABCs of Caregiving Course-​Set C

ABCs of Caregiving Course-​Set C

For caring for seniors using wheelChair

Get Trained By :
Local Licensed Registered Nurses

Who is the course for?

Family members or Foreign Domestic Workers who assist an individual (a frail elderly or person with disability) in his or her activities of daily living (ADLs).

Course Details

4 hours
Course Mode:
English or Bahasa Melayu
Eligible Grant(s):
Caregivers Training Grant may be used
Course Fee:

Course Fee before (CTG Grant): $200.00

Course Fee after (CTG Grant): $10.00*

*(Subject to eligibility and the remaining amount of the care recipient’s CTG which is capped at $200 per year)


This course covers all essential skills needed to care for the daily needs of a senior loved one who is using the wheelchair.

Course Outline

The Fundamentals

  • Understanding ageing and communicating with seniors
  • Monitoring vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate) and managing emergencies
  • Infection control (including hand hygiene and simple wound care) and basic skincare
  • Serving oral medication (including reading of medication labels)
  • Simple exercises for seniors
  • Nutrition and Hydration (including different types of diet, and what makes up a balanced diet for seniors)

Assistance in Daily Tasks Modules

  • Feeding (oral or Tube). Note: If the senior is on tube-feeding, the module "Nutrition and Hydration" would not be covered.

Toileting (Including the use of commode and diaper changing​)

Personal Hygiene

  • Assisted showering


  • Use of wheelchair (including transferring from bed to wheelchair and vice versa)

How to Apply

Downlod CTG Application Form

To apply for training under Caregivers Training Grant, please download and complete the following CTG Application Form. Email a softcopy of the completed form together with the supporting documents listed on page 1 of the form to us at

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