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Patrick Mah


I found Anglo Nurses in my google search when I was in urgent need to engage a good caregiver for my elderly father last year. I contacted Vincent Wong, and he was very helpful and patient to talk to my father. He even visited my father at the hospital ward with his iPad and arranged a live conference with the Indonesian Agency to allow my father to interview and select the maid of his choice. The paper work was done efficiently, and the caregiver arrived in time before my father discharge. The caregiver took good care of my father for the past 1.5 yrs before his passing on Sep. I am grateful to the caregiver and Vincent for their services.

Anglo Caregivers-What Clients Say About Us?

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Mandarin-speaking Caregiver

Ex-Sgp, Ex-Tw
  • She has 8 years of eldercare experience in Taiwan and Hong Kong. She has a good record in Singapore with only 1 employer for about 1 year 10 months as a domestic helper.
  • She has experience caring for patients with stroke, dementia, heart disease and diabetes.
  • She is experienced with giving injections, Blood Glucose Monitoring, assisting with Oxygen Therapy.
  • 3 years in Hong Kong caring for a 90-year-old lady with stroke, diabetes and dementia.
  • 5 years in Taiwan caring for a wheelchair-bound 90-year-old lady with stroke, diabetes, heart disease and dementia and her 96-year-old husband with dementia.


Experienced Caregiver (Indo)

English and Indonesian
  • She has over 12 years of caregiving experience in Singapore. She has a good employment history of having finished more than 2 years or until the care recipient has passed away with all 4 of her employers in Singapore.
  • She has experience caring for patients with stroke, dementia, lung disease and diabetes.
  • She is experienced with Indwelling Catheter care and giving injections.
  • 7.5 years in Singapore caring for a 99-year-old lady with lung disease. The elderly could walk with assistance for the first 5.5 years, but became wheelchair-bound in the last year due to her age and deterioration medical condition.
  • 3 years 9 months in Singapore caring for an 84-year-old man with diabetes and lung condition.
  • 1 year 10 months in Singapore caring for a wheelchair-bound 45-year-old lady with dementia, diabetes and stroke. Cared for her until her passing.
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