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Anglo is located in the NUH Medical Centre.


Medical Centre #02-14

NUH Medical Centre #02-14

Anglo is rated 4.4 stars on MOM Agencies' Directory by verified employers.


star on MOM Agencies' Directory


star on MOM

Agencies' Directory

Anglo is rated 4.4 stars on MOM Agencies' Directory by verified employers.


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Feel assured with specialised caregivers and trained maids for elderly in Singapore.

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Anglo Caregiver and Elderly Helper

Ranked Top On

Anglo Caregivers is rated 4.7 on Google.
Anglo Caregivers is a SME 500 Singapore Award Winner in 2023.
Anglo Caregivers is reviewed to be a Top in Singapore for Elderly Care Provider by Media One
Anglo Caregivers is reviewed to be one of the best in Singapore for elderly care.

Find a Live-in Caregiver or Trained Maid for Elderly to Provide Your Elderly Parent with the Quality Home Care He or She Deserves

Who are our Live-in Caregivers?

(1) Caregivers and (2) Trained maids
employed on the Migrant Domestic Worker work permit in Singapore.

Our Caregivers

Filipino caregivers with experience as caregivers or nurse aides

(3) Experienced Caregivers from the Philippines

  • Experienced as a caregiver at home or a nursing aide in nursing homes or hospitals.
  • Conversant in English.
  • May have Certificates in Caregiving or Nursing.
  • Detailed Biodata & Background Checks.
  • Affordable basic salary from $650 to $800.
  • May have cared for patients with stroke, fractures & falls, dementia, cancer, NG Tube Feeding, suctioning etc.

Our Maids

What are their Caregiving Skills?

Feel assured with caregivers in Singapore who are equipped with caregiving and basic nursing skills.

Our caregivers use the right techniques for transferring from bed to wheelchair, turning and positioning.

Transferring, Turning & Positioning

Right techniques to move from bed to wheelchair. Proper positioning to prevent painful bedsores

Some of our caregivers have special nursing skills.

Special Care

Suctioning (oral & tracheostomy) Tube Feeding (nasogastric or PEG), Oxygen Therapy, Injections, Urinary Catheter Care, Stoma Care.

Our caregivers and maids know how to perform basic personal hyigene for the elderly.

Personal Hygiene

Showering, sponging, toileting, changing diapers and dressing. Oral and Nail hygiene.

Our caregivers and maids know how to assist the elderly in walking and preventing falls.

Walking, Preventing Falls

Assist in walking. Use of walking frame or walking stick. Preventing falls.

Our caregivers may have prior experience in caring for dementia patients.

Dementia Care

Prior experience in caring for persons with dementia, managing their behaviours.

Our caregivers and maids know how to prepare and give medication, cook and  prepare meals, and assist with feeding.

Medication & Meals

Preparing and serving medications. Cooking, preparing meals and feeding.

The Anglo Difference

We screen, assess and select for caregivers and maids who meet our quality standards to be a caregiver in Singapore.

We select for caregivers who finish 1 or multiple contracts.

Employment History

We select for caregivers who finish 1 or multiple contracts.
We conduct in-depth background checks to check on employment history.

Background Checks

Employment is supported with visas, passport stamps, employment certificates or feedback.
We conduct in-depth interviews with caregivers and maids.

30 to 60-minute Interview

We conduct 1-to-1 interviews to review caregiving skills, knowledge and spoken languages.
Our caregivers and maids understand the required job scope and are willing to undertake caregiving duties.

Willing to be a Caregiver

Our caregivers and maids are clearly briefed on their caregiving duties and are willing to do the job.
Review 4.4 star by employers who have hired from us.

Rated 4.3 Stars

Top reviewed agency on the MOM Employment Agencies' Directory by employers who hired our caregivers.

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Be Supported with Training by Home Nurses

Our live-in caregivers are supported by home-based Caregivers Training by licensed, registered nurses in Singapore. Whenever there is a need you can get in touch with us to set up Caregiver Training session. Tap on Caregivers Training Grant cover part of the costs.

  • Home-based Caregivers Training
  • Tap on Your Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) to cover the costs of training (subjected to eligibility).
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