What is Live-in Care?

A personal care assistant who stays in with your loved one who needs help, overseeing their day-to-day care at home.

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What is Live-in Care for Elderly?

Discovering a loved one needs help at home

You may be searching for some caregiving assistance to help your elderly loved one at home.

As adult children juggling full-time jobs and family commitments, you may find it difficult to be there for them when they need help every hour of the day.

Decline in health condition like a stroke, diabetes or heart failure resulting in need of a caregiver

Your elderly loved one may have experienced a recent change in health or mobility status such as having experienced a stroke, or decline from a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease.

Recently diagnosed condition like dementia or cancer resulting in need of a caregiver

It may also be due to a recently diagnosed condition like dementia, Alzheimer's Disease or cancer.

Decline in mobility following a period of hospitalisation resulting in need of a caregiver

It could also be that after a period of hospitalisation, your elderly parent has become weak and could no longer walk or take care of themselves independently at home.  

Frequent falls at home resulting in need of a caregiver

It is also common for care needs to arise when you notice that frequent falls at home and you are worried about your elderly parent's safety.

Elderly parent can benefit from live-in care

Affordable, Long-Term Care at Home

Live-in care is an affordable long-term home care alternative where you hire a foreign nurse aide or caregiver on a Foreign Domestic Worker work pass. The live-in caregiver lives in with your elderly parent or grandparent to provide him or her with assistance in their day-to-day care. Our live-in caregivers are from the Philippines and Indonesia and converse well in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.

Hiring your live-in nurse aide or caregiver also means that you would have someone there by your elderly parent’s side 24/7 to give him the care and support he or she needs without being checked into nursing homes or other facilities.

Your loved one is happy with being able to live in the comforts of his home while you feel assured with a peace of mind on his or her safety and care. It is an affordable, long-term home care option.

How can Live-in Care Help?

Anglo Caregivers-Assisting Elderly in Personal Hygiene

Personal Care

Day-to-day care such as showering, toileting, dressing, walking, transferring, turning & positioning, giving medications and monitoring vital signs.

Anglo Caregivers-Special Care

Special Care

Oral Suctioning, Tracheal Suctioning, NG Tube Feeding, PEG Tube Feeding, Oxygen Therapy, Injections, Urinary Catheter Care, Colostomy Bag Care.

Anglo Caregivers-Dementia Care

Dementia Care

Daily attention and supervision. Some common behaviours include wandering, sundowning, restlessness, sleep disturbance, forgetting how to perform daily activities like eating, bathing.

Anglo Caregivers-Night time care for elderly

Night Time Care

Assisting elderly in the night time to toilet, changing diapers, preventing falls. Elderly with sleep disturbance may wake up multiple times at night. Feel at ease when you have a caregiver watching over him.

Anglo Caregivers-Help with housework and cooking

Practical Home Help

Get help with some housework, cooking and preparing meals, doing the laundry and keeping his home tidy and clean, especially if your elderly parent stays alone.

Anglo Caregivers-Conversing with elderly, companionship


Have someone converse with your elderly parent in his language of English, Mandarin or Cantonese. Keep him feel happy, engaged in conversations and activities.

What are the Benefits of Live-in Care?

Anglo Caregivers-Live-in Care gives stability with same caregiver for the elderly daily.


Having a live-in caregiver instead of day-time, non-stay-in caregivers means that your elderly parent can expect to be cared for by the same familiar face every day. The elderly can feel anxious having a different face helping him to take a bath every day.

Also, you won't have to worry about your local caregiver cancelling a shift on you last minute, leaving you with no one to care for your parent.

Anglo Caregivers-Having the same caregiver every day means that she knows what your elderly parent needs.

familiar with care needs

Having a familiar face also means that the live-in caregiver knows your parent's preference, needs, daily schedule and behavioural patterns very well. She familiar with how to handle and accommodate them accordingly.

Anglo Caregivers-Live-in Caregiver is an affordable long term home care option.

Affordable Long Term Home Care

The monthly salary of a live-in caregiver is typically below S$1000. It is an affordable option for elderly who need care for the long-term.

Families with elderly with care needs can also apply for certain financial schemes like the Home Caregiving Grant, a $200 monthly cash payout, or Pioneer Generaton Disability Assistance Scheme (PioneerDAS), a $100 monthly cash payout for Pioneers with disabilities, subjected to their respective criteria.

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Mary T

Mary T

Experienced Caregiver


She has around 4 years of eldercare experience in Philippines.

She is a certified caregiver with a TESDA NC II in Caregiving. She is also trained in first aid and basic life support.

She has experience caring for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Cervical Cancer, Diabetes and Renal Failure.

Injections, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Oxygen Therapy.

She speaks English.

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