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Live-in Caregivers

from the Philippines
  • Experienced as Caregivers, Nurse Aides or Nurses
  • Certificate in Caregiving or Nursing Degree
  • English-speaking
  • Affordable Salary from $650 to $850 per Month
  • Background Checks
Experienced Live-in Caregiver from the Philippines


Hire Professional In-home Caregivers experienced in Caregiving or Nursing to care for your elderly parent or disabled loved one at home.

  • Typically 2 or more years of caregiving experience.
  • Experience as a caregiver at home or nursing aide in nursing homes or hospitals.
  • Caregiving experience in the Philippines or other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Prior experience include stroke care, dementia care, Parkinson's care, diabetes care.
  • Prior experience in assisting patients using walking aides or wheelchair or bedridden.


Qualified in caregiving
Feel assured with a qualified and trained pair of hands caring for your elderly parent or loved one on a daily basis.
They have undergone formal or informal training in caregiving such as:
  • TESDA National Certificate II in Caregiving or Health Care Services
  • Practical Nursing or Diploma in Nursing Aide
  • Graduates or Undergraduates in Bachelor of Nursing
  • Other formal or on-the-job training during their work outside of the Philippines as caregivers


One of our screening criteria for our live in carers is the ability to converse in English so that the caregiver can converse with you and your loved one well.
Avoid communication issues which are common when you hire caregivers or domestic helpers who are unable to speak English.


Affordable Professional Long Term Home Care Option

Monthly basic Salaries of $650 to $850

Hire professional long-term home care at affordable salaries of $650 - $850.
Compared to other aged care options such as nursing home or hourly-rated private nurses and caregivers, experienced live-in caregivers provide your elderly parent or loved one with a good quality of life at home without being a huge financial burden for you.
When you choose live in care, you get to avoid the frequent changes of nurses or caregivers when you engage shift-based caregiving services or the guilt of placing your loved one in a nursing home.

Background Check

When you are paying a higher salary for someone experienced, you would want to be sure that the caregiver's experience is accurate.

We go beyond what other agencies do by conducting additional checks to ensure a caregiver's background is accurately reflected. With stringent background checks, the caregiver whom you hire will have higher retention rate.

Experience Check

Extensive 1 to 1 interviews via video call lasting about 30 mins to 1 hour on her caregiving skills and aged care experience.

Qualification Check

Certificates of Employment are required for work in hospitals or nursing homes. All caregiver qualifications must be provided and included in the biodata.

Period Abroad Check

For caregivers who have worked outside of the Philippines, they need to provide overseas visa, arrival and departure stamps for their last employment period. These will also be included in the biodata.


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Top Questions

Can elderly hire a maid?

For a person to be an employer of a maid, the person:

  1. Be 21 years old and above.
  2. Must not be an undischarged bankrupt
  3. Have the mental capacity to fully understand and discharge his or her responsibility as an employer

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will consider a person’s financial ability to hire, maintain and upkeep the maid in an acceptable accommodation.

As an elderly person typically no longer works and does not have monthly income, supporting documents such as fixed deposits or bank statements may be used to substantiate the elderly person’s financial ability to hire.


  • The elderly person can apply for a maid under the Joint Income Scheme or the Sponsorship Scheme; or
  • Another family member who is earning an income and living with the elderly person at the same residential address may be the employer.

Do they do household chores?

Yes, other than taking care of the elderly person, they can help perform household chores for the family residing there such as cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing.

How much does it cost to hire a trained maid for elderly every month?

The basic monthly salary for a maid trained in elderly care ranges from $560 to $650 depending on her past working experience. Salary starts from $560 if it is her first time working abroad. If she has worked abroad in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore, her salary starts from $590.

There is extra pay when she works on Sunday, her rest day. It ranges from $21.54 to $25.00. It is calculated by dividing the basic salary by 26. Use our rest day pay calculator here.

In addition to to paying her monthly salary and MDW levy, you would need to provide her with daily food, accommodation and medical expenses (as needed).

Use our monthly live-in care cost calculator to work out the full costs here.

How much is the monthly levy for elderly?

Households who need to hire a migrant domestic worker to care for their elderly loved ones or persons with disabilities pay a lower monthly concessionary rate of $60. Read our free guide for more information on levy concession here.

Are there grants for hiring a trained maid for elderly?

There are various grants that your elderly loved one may be eligible for:

  1. Home Caregiving Grant (HCG)
  2. Pioneer Disability Assistance Scheme (PioneerDAS)

Read of our comprehensive guide on grants here.

What is the difference between a normal maid and your agency’s trained maid for elderly care?

With proper elderly care training before departing for Singapore, they not only have the right skills, but also a better understanding of what to expect when taking care of your elderly loved one.

They know what it is like to change diapers, assist in cleaning up after toileting or transferring a wheelchair-bound person from bed to wheelchair.

They understand that the job requires them to wake up a few times at night to attend to the elderly. These can include:

  • Turning and positioning a bedbound elderly to prevent pressure injuries (bedsores); or
  • Changing diapers to reduce likelihood of diaper rash or urinary tract infections for wheelchair-bound elderly; or
  • Assisting to go to the toilet to prevent falls for walking seniors.

Employers commonly encounter issues where their new maids do not want to want to change diapers due to the smell, do not to wake up at night to care for the elderly, complain of backache or difficulties from transferring bed to wheelchair, unable to pick up skills taught while in the hospital for training and handover of care.

When you hire a trained maid for elderly care, you can avoid the trouble of spending time, money and effort to hire anew maid only to have her quit on you when she cannot pick up the skills or find the demands of caregiving get too much for her.

Read our Free Employer's Guide