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Anglo Caregivers-Find Experienced Live-in Caregiver for Elderly


Feel assured with caregivers who are equipped with caregiving skills including assisting elderly in their day-to-day activities or advanced care depending on their prior experience. These may include:

Anglo Caregivers-Caregiving skills such as transferring, turning and positioning

Transferring, Turning & Positioning

Safe, proper techniques to move the elderly from bed to wheelchair. Timely and proper positioning to prevent painful bedsores

Anglo Caregivers-Special Care such as suctioning and NG Tube feeding

Special Care

Oral Suctioning, Tracheal Suctioning, NG Tube Feeding, PEG Tube Feeding, Oxygen Therapy, Injections, Urinary Catheter Care, Colostomy Bag Care.

Anglo Caregivers-Caregiving skills such as personal hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Showering, sponging, toileting,changing diapers and dressing. Oral and Nail hygiene.

Anglo Caregivers-Caregiving skills such as assisting in mobility, preventing falls

Walking, Preventing Falls

Assist in ambulation, use of mobility aids like walking frame or walking stick, and preventing falls.

Anglo Caregivers-Dementia care

Dementia Care

Prior experience in caring for persons with dementia, managing their behaviours.

Anglo Caregivers-Preparing food and cooking up meals for elderly

Meals Preparation, Cooking

Cooking and preparingmeals. Assisting, coaxing elderly through their meals


Find an Experienced Caregiver who knows how to provide Safe and Proper Care for your elderly parent.

Anglo Caregivers-Caregivers Experienced in Caregiving

Trained or Experienced in Caregiving

Prior experience in caring for elders with conditions such as Stroke, Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Renal Failure, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer or prior Falls,

Cared for elderly who are Bedridden, Wheelchair-bound or Ambulant with assistance.

Anglo Caregivers-Caregivers with good employment history

Good Employment History

Completed 1 or multiple contracts in nursing homes or in the elderly's home.

Various sources for verification such as retrieving their employment records in Singapore from MOM, arrival and departure stamps in passports, certificates of employment or employer feedback.

Anglo Caregivers-Caregivers who have worked abroad

Experience Abroad

Usually have worked abroad in countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia or in their home countries.

Anglo Caregivers-Why having caregiving experience matters?

Why having Caregiving Experience matters?

Whether it is waking multiple times at night to assist in toileting or changing diapers, transferring back and forth between bed and wheelchair several times a day or calming an elderly down from his frequent mood swings, an experienced caregiver knows what it is like and what is required of her.




-speaking Caregivers

Hire a caregiver who can communicate well in Mandarin, English or Malay for your elderly parent or grandparent.

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What Clients Say About Us

Patrick Mah

I found Anglo Nurses in my google search when I was in urgent need to engage a good caregiver for my elderly father last year. I contacted Vincent Wong, and he was very helpful and patient to talk to my father. He even visited my father at the hospital ward with his iPad and arranged a live conference with the Indonesian Agency to allow my father to interview and select the maid of his choice. The paper work was done efficiently, and the caregiver arrived in time before my father discharge. The caregiver took good care of my father for the past 1.5 yrs before his passing on Sep. I am grateful to the caregiver and Vincent for their services.

Alice Lim

I've use Anglo Nurses & Caregivers service for my Grandma  2 years ago. My Grandma is now 89 yrs old and she has fractured her hips from a fall 2 yrs ago. Vincent from Anglo Nurses who has assisted on our application is very patient and he is very proactive to conduct Video interview at the Hospital that Grandma is residing to reassure her that the Caregivers is definitely well selected and ease off her worries, i think action works more than a thousand words !
During the past almost 2 years of Great help from Caregiver, Isti ,my Grandma has improved her condition and now she can walk with some assistant from walking stick instead of wheelchair. She has gain some healthy weight and looks more alert and healthy. Isti's work permit is due soon and we are back to Anglo Nurses for their service again recently. Strongly recommend their service.

June Lee

We engaged an Indonesian caregiver who had several years experience in Taiwan. Subsequently we engaged another caregiver to take care of another elderly. Anglo Nurses takes good care of the caregivers as well as the employers’ needs. Highly recommend them for their personal attention to their customers.

Jaslin Lim

I have been liaising with Vincent with all my needs for a caregiver for my dad. Vincent didn’t disappoint me and was very patient throughout the whole process. He answered all my requests and sometimes even late night which I shouldn’t be disturbing him.

The caregiver which was assigned to me was a good one. Experienced and took good care of my dad. Unfortunately my dad passed on after two months otherwise the caregiver has been of great help for my dad and the family.

I will not hesitate to recommend Anglo Nurse to anyone who needs a caregiver.

Imran Adenan

My late mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in late 2018. Upon the diagnosis and her condition then, I knew that we would need a full-time caregiver. Several options were considered, and I was glad to have found Anglo Nurses & Caregivers as part of my Google search. I gave a call to Anglo Nurses & Caregivers and spoke with Vincent. He understood what I needed and to cut the story short, the caregiver arrived within the next 2 weeks. The caregiver recommended did not disappoint me. She took care of my late mother right till the very last day, even sacrificing her sleep in the last few weeks before my mother's recent demise.

Candice Ng

We had engaged an Indonesian caregiver from Anglo Nurses & Caregiver in 2019. Yuli who had several years experience in Taiwan and had been with us for 1 year. She keep my mummy who is cancer stage 4 accompany till her final times. She really taken care my mum well n our family really appreciated.

Esther Loo

Anglo Nurses service excellent and prompt, we have urgent need to have a helper to look after my mum.Vincent understand and immediately arrange the caregiver for us. Just within 2 days we manage to have a Indonesia caregiver Wina with us, she is professional . Highly recommend Anglo Nurse & Caregiver. Thanks

K W Cheong

I had an emergency situation and needed a caregiver urgently. Luckily, I had the good fortune of meeting Vincent Wong from Anglo Nurses and Caregivers. He came across as very sincere and willing to assist. He is very different from the other agencies – in a very positive way. He hears you out as to what you need, and he matches you with the most appropriate caregiver that he has. I am very happy to state that he managed to get me a caregiver in record time. The caregiver is now taking care of my family member – and she is doing a fantastic job. Thank you Vincent. You guys are fantastic. I highly recommend that you give Anglo Nurses a call if you have any caregiver needs. 5 STARS from me.

Leslie Han

We had engaged an Indonesian caregiver from Anglo Nurses & Caregiver in 2019. During the selection process, Vincent had checked on our requirements carefully and suggested the appropriate caregiver based on her experience. We had taken his advice and employed the caregiver. Siti (not her real name) has been with us for more than 9 months and we are very happy with her performance. She could look after my bedridden mom very well and has good working attitude. I would highly recommend Anglo Nurses & Caregiver for your caregiver needs. They have a good selection of professional caregivers and will go the extra length to ensure the correct caregiver placement for you.

Linda Zuber

I had an urgent need for a helper to care for my mum who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Vincent & his team did a quick follow up & the helper recommended was able to come in within 3 weeks. Unfortunately, my mum passed on but I proceeded with the arrangement to aid in my dad's care.  It was the best decision I made.  My helper, Sri, was fully capable & immediately took over my dad's care and the running of the household. With her commitment & sense of duty, I was assured of good support. Thank you Vincent & team for the recommendation. Great job indeed!

Julian Sim

Service is excellent. Able to provide good advice and guidiance on the application process.

Quality of caregivers are excellent too, especially in spoken language (chinese) and in attending to old person's needs.

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Training & Support by Registered Nurses

Accredited for the Caregivers Training Grant, our Singapore Registered Nurses can provide home-based support and training as needed.

Anglo Caregivers-Dementia Care at Home Training

Dementia Care

Elderly with dementia exhibit different symptoms and behaviour. Learn how to cope with and manage dementia care.

Anglo Caregivers-Training in day to day care

Day to Day Care

Assistance in showering, toileting, transferring, turning and positioning, changing diapers etc.

Anglo Caregivers-Training for advanced care such as suctioning or tube feeding

Advanced Care

NG Tube feeding, PEG Tube feeding, Suctioning (Oral & Tracheal), Injections, Basic Wound Care etc.

We carefully select for caregivers so they may provide your elderly parent with the quality home care they deserve.

Anglo Caregivers-String screening process of our caregivers


Caregivers need to pass through different levels of evaluations and 1-to-1 interviews. They need to demonstrate knowledge and skills in areas such as transferring and changing diapers, spoken language abilities.

Multiple sources for verification where possible including their employment records in Singapore from MOM portal, arrival and departure stamps, employment certificates or employer feedback.

Anglo Caregivers-Look out for positive attitude towards caregiving in our caregivers

positive attitude for Caregiving

We select for caregivers who have completed 1 or multiple contracts in nursing homes or in the elderly's home.

Throughout the application and interview process, we continuously evaluate caregivers for patience and positive attitude towards caring for the elderly.

Anglo Caregivers-Caregivers must pass a pre-employment medical examination to be fit for work before departure to Singapore

Medically fit

Caregivers undergo a pre-employment medical examination in their home countries and are passed as fit for work.

3 Steps to Your Live-in Care

Anglo Caregivers-Step 1 to Hiring-Contact Us

1. Contact Us

Call us or fill out the contact form below. We will speak to you to find out on your needs and identify suitable caregivers.

Anglo Caregivers-Step 2 to Hiring-Interview and Select Your Caregiver


Interview, select and make payment to confirm your preferred caregiver. We will take over the paperwork and processing.

Anglo Caregivers-Step 3 to Hiring-Caregiver Starts Work with You

3. Caregiver starts work!

Caregiver completes processing in Singapore and starts work with you. We provide training, counselling as needed.

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